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 The shape and structure of the architectural buildings inside the game changed the visual images represented in the water, the sky, plants and the earth in an advanced way inside the game. The game maps were changed from hotels and corridors. The equipment and weapons used were radically changed. The development in the form of clothes and graphite became very clear, The game has also become more realistic than any previous seas

 PUBG Mobile 1.4 is updated for all PUBG players through this link here. After the download is completed via the link, the game must be installed by the install program. After the installation is completed, the game must be opened and made sure that it is loaded Choose the resources and capabilities required to play the game.

 The game is also downloaded by the OBB or Apk application, so you will be able to download the game via your mobile phone, and play the game at any time possible.

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 Due to the widespread spread of PUBG games around the world, many copies have been made for some countries, including Chinese, Korean and other versions, but why is it so popular and the advantages of this dangerous game attract players from all over the world? Although there are different languages ​​and cultures all over the world. Since its inception, fighting to survive has always been a human instinct, and Peggy has supported that instinct well. The game's high-quality 3D graphics and graphics attract players. The game gives players the freedom to choose a variety of appearance options, the appearance of clothes and the ability to change them, as well as the freedom to use the appropriate weapons from many options. The game's settings provide freedom of choice and the type of vehicle he uses, especially at different altitude levels. Update the game features by choosing one of the most important features in the game and enhancing the competition between teams. The levels in Peggy gradually increased, players moved from one level to another, and many new islands were opened in front of him, which brought many new players, weapons, clothes and shapes.