Download pubg mobile 1.4 beta

 Download the game pubg mobile 1.4 version Beta After the 100 rhythm update, PUBG MOBILE released the beta version. Players can download PUBG MOBILE 1.3 Beta and learn about the upcoming additions and features, and within the update, the great Godzilla event allows players to download the APK file from the beta version. However, a code will be needed to activate the game .

 PUBG MOBILE is one of the best Battle Royale games that has gained wide popularity in a specific period of time and many PUBG fans are eagerly waiting for the update. The 100 rhythm update has attracted many players and achieved great success. What do you expect in the next Godzilla update.

 How to download PUBG Mobile 1.4 trial version

 . First, go to the official website of the beta and download the file from here.

 . After downloading and installing, you should do an uninstall from an unknown source.

 . Then open the game and download the internal resources in the game.

 . After that it will ask you for an activation code.

 . Then enjoy watching the upcoming new additions.

 How to get the activation code for PUBG Mobile 1.4 trial version

 How much we talked above, you need an activation code to try the game and know the new additions. You can get the code with the following steps:

 . Open the official global PUBG Mobile and then go to the event and then the server option.

 . Then click on the Create icon option.

 . Then put it in the trial version.

 Note Do not share the code with anyone if you have a b

ug in the demo, it will transfer to your official account