Download PUBG MOBILE PART 2 or PUBG MOBILE NEW STATE Of course, the game is completely new and different from the PUBG MOBILE that we know to be PUBG MOBILE. It was made, programmed and prepared by the Chinese company Tencent Kim.

 PUBG Steam, and the game will be more realistic, more updated graphics, and very strong graphics for the mobile devices concerned, so that there will be some devices that do not support the game, so I will put you a link that supports the Android devices that the game will have in the middle of the third month 3 of this year 2021.  Also, the Pubg mobile new state game will support devices that reach the device's RAM area or the device's RAM storage space, which supports devices with a RAM size of 2.5 to 3 kika RAM. If the devices are less than this device's storage scanner, you cannot 

download and play the PUBG Mobile New State game. Pubg mobile new state.  With the mention of the CEO of the Pubg mobile new state game in PUBG Mobile New State, the game will be completely different from the remaining versions of Pubg Mobile, so that the game will contain strong graphics, new gameplay, new maps and maps, as well as a new game style and also add accessories with your character inside the game, which It will help you to take kim and win in Rwanda. You will ask me what are the attachments? New accessories such as the drone pilot, meaning a plane that runs inside the classic Kim and not in the mood inside the game, as well as many possibilities that will enable you to win Kim with your own way.

  How does PUBG Mobile download Part 2 or Pubg mobile new state? I will explain to you in detail how you will download the game easily from the Google Play store so that you now have to pre-register in the Play Market Store in order to get many prizes in advance with your pre-registration of the game PUBG Mobile New State I will put you a link to download the pubg mobile new state all what You have to click on the red button at the bottom that says “Download the game”, then it will take you to the site and wait 10 seconds and transfer you to the Google Play store directly so that you can pre-register in the game.