Pubg mobile 1.2


Finally, the new update for PUBG Mobile was released in 2021, the Beta version of Pubg Mobile 2021, and of course the update carries with it new things that have been added to the game of PUBG Mobile today.


 Of course, many things have been added to the new update in Pubg Mobile and sure enough with each update comes many things such as updating backgrounds in PUBG Mobile and also adding events and winning classic boxes for free in PUBG MOBILE through the new update activities Pubg Mobile. Adding free housing for the pubg mobile event, and the accommodations will be free in two formats, the temporary and the proprietary formats. In this update, new things like shields and other related things have been added that you can try.

 Of course, the update relates to a new mod that you can add in the classic map in PUBG Mobile in the Arangel map, and in the most accurate sense of the conversation or the new mod in Pubg Mobile will be within the classic mode and you can add shields like the phenomenon in the first and second picture, and each shield has its own feature that you can try from During PUBG Mobile download the new update.