PUBG Mobile New Update 1.1
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 Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. Welcome to the Anglo Station site. Today, I wanted to update PUBG Mobile.

 Of course, PUBG Mobile has added in its latest and modern version to update PUBG Mobile 1.1 the new Pubg Mobile New many additions such as the amendment to the waiting arena or the so-called lobby for some players, so that the interface was renewed to something new that was not liked before. A new interface or lobby was also added. A gift for PUBG MOBILE players and a new lobby wallpaper on the occasion of Christmas in PUBG MOBILE, as well as most of the additions related to Christmas in PUBG MOBILE, and also among the additions is the addition of new homes in PUBG MOBILE. An update related to that you can throw a pan or a pot at the enemy, such as PUBG Mobile, the Chinese version, Game for peace, and many more additions as well, and you can watch the video of the review of the beta version of PUBG Mobile, the new update 1.1 Pubg Mobile Beta 1.1. I wish you, visitors to the Anglo Station website, that you liked the publication, the blog and the information for the new Pubg Mobile 1.1 update.