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It is a very distinctive action and excitement game, where the player finds himself one of the many individuals in a crew on a ship that moves in space and among this crew there is a traitor and an agent who wants to get rid of the individuals on board the ship and kill them all, and your mission is to identify him and get rid of him .

 The game among us for computer and mobile is called a game from the criminal or from the killer, where there is an individual inside the crew on board the spaceship who kills and eliminates others, but the intelligence here is for this traitor to carry out his mission without being detected and voted against by the rest of the players until He is not exposed and forfeits his role in the game.

 Therefore, the way you play will depend on your role in the game, so if you are playing the role of a criminal or a traitor, then you should not kill in front of others so as not to expose yourself in front of the rest of the players, but if you are innocent, you must remain next to the rest of the crew and cooperate in knowing the traitor without entering into clashes So you don't die and easily lose your role.

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 The famous action and excitement game among us is one of the most popular games among adventure and action games fans, and millions of players download it all over the world. It is available for download on all smartphones, whether running on Android or iPhone or even on computers.