Pubg Mobile season 14 new

Prizes update: Update the game between July 7 and July 13 (UTC +0) to get: 2888 p AG x 100 Bad dream Protective cap (3D) Play in great mode: New Livik map Livik map is presently accessible. This Scandinavian-style map is 2 km x 2 km, with 52 players and 15 minutes of game occasions, making for a quicker and all the more energizing experience! Livik is still in the BETA stage, and we will proceed to change and improve it for the best visual and gaming experience. Elite guns map: SMG map elite: P90 Elite scorer rifle on the guide: MK 12 Guide of elite vehicles: Guide elite vehicle: beast truck Livik Super Guns Preparing - just around the corner: At the point when the occasion starts, test trial weapon boxes containing an exceptional weapon will show up on Livik. Uncommon weapons seem to be like standard weapons, however there are contrasts in names, images, and so on. Completions can be utilized normally in the two sorts.

 Exploratory weapons contain somewhat preferred details over customary weapons. You can see shooting and hitting details with the Exploratory Weapon in the wake of leaving the battling. The flash of the play under the title Fire: Private mode will be accessible on Erangel and Miramar maps in Exemplary mode. Players get an opportunity to enter this mode in the wake of choosing these guides. Bust - It consumes after the response. Supplies and occasion things tumble down in the wake of consuming. Mammoth sculpture - it has numerous structure arranges that change as the extraordinary occasion advances. It consumes in the last stage. Sculpture Camp - There are tents around the sculpture. Enter them to scan for provisions. Old mystery - just around the corner: This meaningful mode applies to Erangel and Miramar when enacted.

 Changing accessibility times: In the wake of refreshing the variant, Payload and RageGear modes might be accessible during the end of the week, and Bluehole mode won't be accessible. Field game: New Field Game - Group Gun Game (Accessible on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 31 July) Match 4 against 4. The beginning weapons are the equivalent, however can be overhauled by overcoming rivals. The victor is the principal group that utilizes the last weapon, Skillet, to overcome adversaries (or the group with the most noteworthy score when time runs out). New Guide - Library. The primary ever indoor guide, with a predictable structure and three assault modes: Left, Right, and Center. Take positions on stages, in entryways, or behind shelves relying upon your present weapon. This allows players various styles to battle. New Yard Office: New download office: Barrel Extender. This is a gag connection that can be utilized with most by far of expert marksman rifles, shotguns, and SMGs. It expands the successful scope of the gun and lessens the decrease of lead harm because of separation. Change to restrain the harm of guns in the yard: Gun harm decrease model is presently being created dependent on the operational separation. Organizing successful operational separations for guns (from close to far): shotguns/SMGs/rifles/rifleman rifles.