Pubg mobile season 13 news

The Buggy Mobile game announced the launch of a new update, which is the thirteenth season 13, which is awaited by many players because it contains some additions and features that we will talk about in this article, which solve various problems faced by players in this game, and the most important of them is the black phenomenon crisis that was the reason In leaving a large number of the game and their direction for other competing games, it is a data theft and the effort of the players.

 Update mobile game for the 13th season

 This new update is launched to solve the problems faced by the game, and it came at an appropriate time in order to restore the players again after their retreat, and this update contains the features of the evolution of the game and its potential, and a large number of tools are added that increase the excitement and excitement in this game , And it is expected to be one of the strongest updates launched in Bebji since its inception.

 Black Phenomenon Crisis Game Mobile Phone

 The Buggy game faced many problems and crises in the past period, but it was overcoming them and getting rid of them all, but there is a new crisis that appeared in the game that the management of the game was unable to solve and eliminate in any way, which is the black phenomenon, through which hackers and hackers steal Calculate players and seize their efforts.

It has been confirmed that there is a new color colorful gun that appears to be inspired by Lego, and you can see the last match of the P92, the 100 RP bonus will be a full set as it is in all seasons, and this time there will be two options available from two groups Lava Superman or Flash Superman, as mentioned Before it was inspired by Power Rangers.
 There is also a so-called “tribal treasure” that will include a gorgeous outfit with Ram skull as a head scarf, there are also some other elements like a leather collection and a unique head cover, a parasol and many others.
 Finally, a new character will be introduced in the new season, but her abilities have not been announced yet, and there are also some new voice chat orders that will be added with the next season, Season 12 is expected to end at about May 12, so we can expect it to come down Season 13 On May 13th, there is also news that the 0.18.0 update will also provide an update to the Miramar map.

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