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As mentioned before, PUBG Mobile season-11 ends on March 3, 2020. The Royale Pass section remains locked for few hours for maintenance purposes. This lets us to the conclusion that PUBG releases its Season 12 Royale Pass probably on March 5, 2020. Also, the players can hope for the 0.17.0 updatewithin a couple of hours of season 10 completion.

Season 12 Royale Pass rewards

With season 12’s release, PUBG Mobile celebrates its second anniversary, making way for a fresh Royale Pass. With the acquisition of Season 12 Royale Pass, you get QBZ skin instantly as an incentive for the acquisition .

We also got the upcoming Royale Pass’ logo. The new logo’s theme resembles the anniversary of PUBG, and that we can find the character ’12’ highlighted with colorful lights.

Royale Pass Season-12 logo

If the players get to succeed in the ultimate level of the Royale Pass, PUBG Mobile always rewards such players with an incredible outfit. this point the players get a “Robotic outfit” upon reaching level 100 of the Season 12 Royale Pass. you'll check the leaked image of the ultimate level reward outfit below.